Security News: Email Thread Hijacking

Cybercriminals invest time, money and effort into using this form of phishing. However, an attack can take only a few hours to complete. Conversation hijacking grew almost 270% in 2021, according to

An Attach in Action

How can you protect yourself?

  1. Analyze the Hyperlinks. While there are security controls in place to protect the organization from these threats, it is vital that you examine each hyperlink and attachment carefully before you click.
  2. Use MFA. Use Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) on every possible system and account. For more information on enabling MFA, please see please reach out to use for more info.
  3. Verify the Sender. If you receive an email that contains something suspicious, even from someone inside the organization, verify the information using a different communication method, such as by calling the person using a trusted number.
  4. Report Email Thread Hijacking. If you determine that an email thread may have been hijacked, please immediately report it to your IT Administrator.