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While Terrapin still employs a project-based, “pay as you go” approach to IT support for many of our long-time clients, we have also embraced the managed service trend that has taken over our industry in recent years.

  • Key Advantages

    With one set monthly fee for ongoing support and services, you no longer need to worry about limiting employee calls to the help desk to control costs, because an unlimited help desk is often included.

    Your accounting staff no longer needs to review detailed, multi-page invoices, because the invoice is the same every month regardless of the services performed.

    Our managed service bundles several monthly services, such as endpoint security, anti-phishing, email security and spam filtering, backup and disaster recovery, system health checks, monitoring, and reporting, as well as automated security updates and critical fixes.

  • A Customized Process

    Terrapin does not employ a one-size-fits-all approach to managed service. Every client’s environment is different, and needs are not always the same. What might be overkill for one client may meet the minimum requirements for another.

    For this reason, we conduct a full system audit and interview prior to working out your monthly service plan. Further, we will credit back 50% of the report and all associated labor when you employ Terrapin.

    As with most managed service plans today, we define the scope of the labor and services that are included. We will carefully identify projects that may be billed outside the scope of managed service in the beginning so that there are no surprises. These typically include larger, full-scale projects such as server replacements, Cloud migrations, major software upgrades, large workstation or user deployments, and company mergers. Office 365, recurring Azure or AWS monthly costs, SSL certificate renewals, and workstation backup tools such as Datto Backupify are also excluded due to the volatile nature of the service or inconsistent pricing.

  • Learn More

    If you are interested in Terrapin’s managed service, please reach out to one of our technicians to kick off the system audit and begin the process. We look forward to working with you!

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Product Offerings


Manufacturer of professional audiovisual equipment and control systems.


Manufacturer of professional audiovisual equipment and control systems.

Biamp Systems

Manufacturer of audio and video systems providing some of the best digital audio processing systems on the market.


Leader in enterprise class wireless access systems.


Manufacturer of network based cameras for video surveillance and other network based physical security products.


Developer of one of the most robust but also user friendly video management systems on the market.


Provider of both on premise and cloud based voice over IP unified communications system.


Leader in robust cost effective enterprise class access control system.


SDWAN provider for cloud-based optimization and redundancy.


Manufacturer SAN for shared data storage now owned by HP

HP and Dell

Manufacturer of server and networking equipment.


Manufacturer of network equipment including switches.


Provider of MFA services.


Spam Filter provider offering security services.


Office 365 Provider, Azure Servers, Server and Workstation Operating Systems.

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Systems Director

Benjamin Wadsworth

Benjamin leads Terrapin’s cabling, security, AV and telecom team, and has implemented technology solutions for a multitude of clients.

Benjamin spends most of his time volunteering and racing at local BMX tracks, volunteering at Sakura Gakuen Japanese language school or riding bicycles with his family.

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20Years in Industry
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